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Next Level Business.Services

Our goal is to assist you in unleashing the potential sales of your products in the Benelux/France market.

What we do

We are a team of Belgian Business Developers with a shared goal: to assist Polish companies expand their reach into the Benelux and France market. With a team member based in Poland and an other in Belgium, we bring a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to the table. Our passion for sales and our commitment to delivering exceptional results is what drives us forward. Let us help your business grow and succeed in the Benelux and France market.

What we offer

Cold Calling

Fluent in French and Dutch, we specialize in cold calling potential customers in the Benelux and France market. Our personalized approach ensures a strong first impression and builds lasting relationships. Let us help you grow your customer base.

Personalized emails

We don't stop at the first call. Our team follows up through personalized emails to build strong relationships with potential customers in the Benelux and France market. Let us help you expand your customer base.

Follow up

At Next Level .Services, we provide ongoing support to the clients we brought you throughout the entire sales process and beyond. From initial outreach to long-term partnership, we follow up regularly and stay at their disposal to ensure successful and smooth sales services


We offer flexible meeting options to potential customers in the Benelux and France market. With representation in Belgium and France, we can meet virtually or in-person at their preferred location.

What they say about us

Furniture industry


"NLB.S helped us close sales and gain regular customers in Belgium market. Their expertise and personalized approach made our success."
Pawel O.


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